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PET Square CZS Bottle-35

Plastic Material: PET Color :Transparent CAPACITY: 35ml Usage/ApplicationMinimum Order Quantity : 5000 Price: Ask for Price Payment Terms: CA (Cash Advance) Delivery Time: 5-7 days
Supplier : HarfaaH Plastic Bags & Containers Trading Co LLC DUBAI
Posted On :4 days ago

poly coated soap stiffener paper

A poly-coated soap stiffener refers to a material used to provide structural support and rigidity to soap packaging. It typically consists of a stiff cardboard or paperboard that is coated or laminated with a layer of polyethylene (PE) or polypropylene (PP) on one or both sides.  However, it's important to ensure that the chosen stiffener material is compatible with the soap and the overall packaging design while considering environmental sustainability.
Posted On :7 days ago


Industrial systems refer to the large-scale systems used in manufacturing and production facilities to transform raw materials into finished products. These systems typically involve the use of specialized equipment and machinery
Supplier : Manuli Fluiconnecto DUBAI
Posted On :2 months ago

Digital Transformation

Consultation, Business Process Automation, Business Process Management & Project Management
Supplier : Malak Solutions FZE LLC DUBAI
Posted On :2 months ago

Luxonis OAK-D Pro

Features of Luxonis Artificial Intelligent Cameras● Movidius Myriad X VPU● 256/512/1024MBit QSPI NOR Flash● 32Kb I2C EEProM● USB3.1, gen2 10gbps● 2x 2-lane MIPI connects OV9282 1MPglobal shutter cameras with no IR filter● 1x center 4-lane MIPI connects IMX37812 MP color rolling shutter camera● Active IR stereo● IR Laser dot projector (Belago 1.1)● IR Flood LED light (SFH 4725AS)● ¼ -20 tripod mount on the bottom of the unit● VESA-spec (7.5cm, M4) set of mounting holes on the back of the unit
Supplier : Daanish Technologies FZCO DUBAI
Posted On :3 months ago

Hourly Maid Service

TheMoveIt is providing hourly maid service in Dubai at the very best rates. We have professionals working in our team who are very well-trained in this line of work. They always make sure to do their job right.The cleaning services we provide are always thorough and can also be customized as per your needs. You can always tell us what you like and what you don’t, our team will make sure to keep that in mind while working. You can also request a special service or maybe skip the one you don’t like; our team is always happy to oblige.Now another concern that might concern you is the safety of your personal items. But with Move IT, you never have to worry about that. Our team is very professional and takes full responsibility for the safety of your items.
Supplier : Moveit DUBAI
Posted On :3 months ago

Industrial machinery equipment in UAE +971 65466424

Industrial machinery equipment is used in a variety of industries to increase productivity and efficiency. This type of equipment includes machines such as lathes, saws, presses, grinders, and other power tools. It also includes automated systems such as robots, conveyor belts, and computer-controlled systems. Industrial machinery equipment is often used in manufacturing, packaging, assembly, and transportation.Visit our website:
Supplier : Mega Industrial Equipments SHARJAH
Posted On :4 months ago

BS 40

In East Gate, we make sure to hire the best expertise in this field, as we believe that our foundation is based on quality as we strive to earn our customer's satisfaction. We also make sure that our bakery equipment meets high standards of health, safety, economy and superiority in what we offer, as we believe that satisfaction is only obtained by persistence and hard work, and that is why we made sure to have the (ISO) certificates of quality.
Posted On :4 months ago

Premier Consulting Partner in dubai

SUDO Consultants has mastered the art of digital optimization over the years. Now you do not have to suffer due to a poor online presence because we are here to help.SUDO has provided smart and reliable solutions for digitization for many years across the Americas, Asia Pacific, Europe, Middle East & Africa. Our understanding of digital solutions has enabled us to build virtual infrastructures of many renowned organizations in the region.Moreover, our software customizations, integrations and other IT solutions guarantee a high return on your investments.
Posted On :4 months ago


ARMOR ALL INSECT REMOVER 500MLCleans bug grime and residue to help keep your vehicle looking like new.When you drive, your vehicle is constantly subjected to bugs, tar and other road grime that is unsightly and tough to remove.Armor All Insect Remover’s special formula removes bugs, tree sap and bird droppings from exterior surfaces of your vehicle.Powerful, fast and effectiveSafe for paintwork, glass and trimCleans tough ground-in dirt, oil, grease, tar, bugs, bird lime, stubborn stains and brake dustCan be used as a pre-wash treatment or spot solution for removing insect residueQuick and easy way to remove tough stains from your car’s exterior
Posted On :5 months ago

Air treatment and condensate technology

Kaeser Air treatment and condensate technologyTREATMENT COMPONENTS GIVE NO QUARTER TO DIRT AND CORROSIONWater, oil, dust: Kaeser offers a complete product portfolio for combating the enemies of your compressed air application – one which makes no compromises when it comes to dry and pure air – from straightforward construction site use to highly complex electronics production:for high product qualityfor faultless and low-maintenance processesfor regular sewage system disposal of your condensateYour advantages: High process reliability and optimal cost-efficiency with systems that pay for themselves more quickly thanks to faultless operation over the long-term.
Supplier : Bhatia Brothers DUBAI
Posted On :5 months ago


LOCTITE 243 (NUT)LOCTITE 243 is a general purpose threadlocker of medium bond strength. This threadlocker secures and seal bolts, nuts and studs to prevent loosening due to vibration.
Posted On :5 months ago


Pendulum drive unit’s series EF are available with gasoline, diesel or electric engines, complete with guard frame or turning base of the motor.
Posted On :5 months ago


METABO PS 7500 S DIRTY WATER SUBMERSIBLE PUMP“For pumping empty, pumping dry and circulating fresh water or dirty water from containers, tanks or flooded cellarsFor garden irrigation from water reservoirsDouble seal system for protection of the pump if the water is particularly dense or contains large particlesOverload protection: protects the motor from overheatingAdjustable float switch for automatic modeRobust housing made of impact-proof plasticErgonomic handle for comfortable transport”Authorized distributor of Metabo Professional Tools.
Posted On :5 months ago

Safety Tripod

Rescue Safety TripodSafety tripod and winch to be use, when it comes to confined space entry/rescue, it is essential that equipment operates perfectly and quickly. Lightweight, portable aluminum tripods are ideal for confined space manhole entry and retrieval. They’re easily transported from one location to another and can be set up by one worker. Attach one or two mechanical devices such as a winch or 3 way self retracting lifeline and you’re ready to go. Our tripods are loaded with features such as locking legs, simple detente pin style adjustment, quick mount mechanical device bracket and skid resistant treadplate soles on feet​.Product size :H 225 cmWeight N.W: 30Load bearing 300kgAccessories: Winch, Pulley​STANDARDS: CE, FDA
Supplier : SAB Safety Equipment Trading SHARJAH
Posted On :5 months ago

Romex Blinds has got you the really enchanting window covering the idea of Romex Blinds so as to make your homes look the most presentable. This bonzer kind of Romex Window Blinds appears to be equally ravishing in harmony with all sorts of decor motifs.From the window they’re installed at, to the overall look of a room, these dreamy Romex Shades UAE beautify each and everything around them. You can, of course, pair Blinds Dubai with a number of gorgeous accessories in order to spice up the whole look and we guarantee you’ll never stop adoring them.They do the blind job in a seamlessly perfect way with the remarkable addition of majestic beauty and pleasurable warmth. Romex Blinds have the tendency to capture everyone’s attention followed by praising, just at the very first sight!
Posted On :5 months ago

Wedding Flower Arrangements

Let HOUSE OF FLOWERS guide you through your journey in tying the knot. Wedding flowers, centerpieces, and bouquets, plant arrangements, flowers, and accessories are customized as per the customer's demands.Note: Flowers, accessories and plants may vary due to availability. Contact Dubai Garden Centre for more information.
Supplier : Dubai Garden Centre DUBAI
Posted On :6 months ago

LOCKD Lockout Tag - PVC LT03 Abu Dhabi

LOCKD Lockout Tag - PVC, LT03 Abu Dhabi
Posted On :6 months ago


If you require a complete landscape garden service from start to finish we can design your dream garden according to your specific And requirements.Our Services in Emirates Hills, Palm Jumeirah, Meadows, Lakes, Springs, Jumeirah Islands, Jumeirah Park, Jumeirah Golf Estates, Arabian Ranches.Landscaped Gardening Services Include:Soft and Hard LandscapingIrrigation SystemsWater TanksGrass and LawnsHorticultureFlowers, Plants and TreesWalls & FencesPathways & PavementStone & Tile WorkPatios & Wooden DeckingPergolas and GazebosBarbecue AreasSwimming Pools & JacuzzisOutdoor Lighting & Electrical WorkFurniture & Garden Accessories
Posted On :6 months ago

International General Trading

Traderston is a merchant general trading company in Dubai with supply and procurement capabilities. We trade in a wide range of commodities across retail, health & safety, building materials, machinery, automobile, hospitality & recreational, as well as medical & pharmaceuticals and more. We have strong business relationships with leading suppliers in the world.Apart from commodity trading, Traderston general traders in Dubai also offers bespoke other key services including procurement and supply, import & exportation Ecommerce, and logistic & shipping solutions to customers around the world. International General Trading Company UAEInternational General Trading, Sourcing & Supply Services. We Bring the World Right to YouTraderston is a Merchant General Trading company in UAE with supply and procurement capabilities. We trade in a wide range of commodities across retail, health & safety, building materials, machinery, automobile, hospitality & recreational, as well as medical & pharmaceuticals and more. We have strong business relationships with leading suppliers in the world.Apart from commodity trading, Traderston general traders in Dubai also offers bespoke other key services including procurement and supply, import & exportation Ecommerce, and logistic & shipping solutions to customers around the world.
Supplier : Traderston FZE DUBAI
Posted On :6 months ago

Site & Geotechnical Investigation

 On-shore drilling Field testing and geotechnical sampling (Borehole drilling and sampling, CPT, Falling head permeability, Packer testing and pressure meter testing ... etc.)   Soil and rock laboratory testing Field testing and geotechnical sampling for retaining structures and slope stability Geotechnical surveys including geological and geotechnical mapping  Investigation of ground water, monitoring and analysis for slope stability Geophysical studies Installation and monitoring of field geotechnical instrumentation Consultation on special geotechnical studies Prospecting studies for mining and construction materials Research programs and training courses Interpretive reporting of field and laboratory testing results Lateral support and shoring design Excavation and lateral earth support supervision Pile testing and instrumentation
Supplier : MAS Geotechnical & Material Testing Laboratory ABU DHABI
Posted On :6 months ago


OILX Eco Range Automatic Transmission Oil TYPE A
Posted On :6 months ago

SKID Package Design

We are Leading Engineering Consultant since 2013
Supplier : KHAAS Design & Engineering Private Limited CHENNAI
Posted On :6 months ago

UAV (Drone) Inspection Services

Visual inspection with a drone is a fast and cost-effective way of inspecting onshore and offshore structures such as tanks, wind turbines, chimneys, bridges, and other difficult-to-reach structures. Drone inspection provides access to previously inaccessible structures and details, providing an instant response instead of more conventional, time-consuming, and expensive inspection techniques such as helicopters, rope access, skylights, cherry pickers, and scaffolding.We only utilize drones when they are the best option—our extensive experience and understanding of all types of inspections. With or without a drone allows us always to offer the best choice.
Supplier : Special Equipment Supplies LLC ABU DHABI
Posted On :7 months ago

Heat Soak Test

We have inhouse, controlled environment heat soak testing chamber of dimensions 3.5m length X 2.5m width X 3.5m height, which can accommodate up to 8 control panels at a time (800mmx800mm); which can deliver a temperature range of 0°C to 60°C, complying with all the quality standards as required by the oil and gas industry in the region.Heat Soak Test or Burn In Test is a process designed to detect early failures in components and reduce the potential for defects and failures in the actual field. During burn-in/ heat soak, the components endure extreme operating conditions, including temperature extremes, high use cycles, and high voltages. The object is to eliminate defective components or those with short lifespans before they can become a factor in a system failure. Performing burn-in accelerates a component’s lifespan beyond the point of premature failures to weed out defective parts. Components that have passed the burn-in test are highly likely to provide reliable service for the duration of a product’s life.To ensure systems are correctly soaked/burned-in, all components forming the control panel are continuously/periodically (configurable) energized for a period of 48 hours or more based on the customer requirement, at temperature cycles at least once between 0 Degree Celsius and 60 Degree Celsius (or range as advised by the customer), and on maximum rated load. During this period, a monitoring computer shall record the state of all I/O points for the panels. This record will serve the purpose of identifying if any component fails during heat soak. The room environmental conditions during the burn-in test period, i.e., ambient temperature and humidity are noted. When at the peak temperature, the rise in temperature due to heat dissipation shall be monitored. It shall be ensured that none of the hardware malfunctions during the test and are able to withstand the total temperature.
Posted On :7 months ago


METALFAB is able to offer a wide variety of standard and custom flare systems. We are equipped to design, fabricate, install and provide maintenance to different types of flare systems, all in-house. We also provide retrofit solutions for flare tips  of different types. The growth of the oil and gas industry resulting from the growing global demand has increased the demands of production requirements of oil and gas which have had the waterfall effect of an increase in production for the industry. The slowdown in the industry also provide for the maintenance requirement for the existing plants in the industry. It is being an important part of the equipment that has to meet the standards, quality, and durability. These aspects are given prominence in our design and manufacture of these systems.
Posted On :7 months ago

Digital Marketing

Creative Media House is one of the best SEO Company in Dubai (UAE) that help the businesses to boost their revenue. So, if you want to establish your company as a brand and enhance your ROI, contact us.Phone- +971(0)45803160 mail - [email protected]:- Creative Media House
Supplier : Creative Media House DUBAI
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Nitto Kohki LO 3550Nitto ATRA ACE, and ATRA MASTER Machines series provide an economical solution for workshops or on-site requirements for hole cutting. Our range of portable drilling machines has distinguished attributes and characteristics.Nitto Kohki LO 3550 is a low profile manual magnetic drill which can drill holes upto 35 mm dia.
Supplier : Middle East Fuji Industrial Solution DUBAI
Posted On :7 months ago

StratumONE NTP Solution

http:// NTP Time Sever provides trusted time synchronisation solution for all enterprise network requirements to close the gap in the information security landscape and align with local regulations and global standards. Accurate time is essential to determining the order in which events occur and is a fundamental aspect of transaction integrity, logging/auditing, troubleshooting and forensics. Accurate, reliable time is necessary for financial and legal transaction, transportation and distribution systems, database management and many other applications involving widely distributed resources. Reasons for hosting own NTP Time Server. 1.      Time Accuracy. •        To reduce confusion in shared file systems, it is crucial for the modification times to be consistent, regardless of what machine the file systems are on •        Billing services and similar applications must know the time accurately •        Sorting email and other network communications can be difficult if timestamps are incorrect •        Financial services require highly accurate timekeeping by law 2.      Improve Cyber Security •            Tracking security breaches, network usage, or problems affecting a large number of components can be nearly impossible if timestamps in logs are inaccurate •        Time is often the critical factor that allows an event on one network node to be mapped to a corresponding event on another •        Cryptographic key management and secure document transmission may require using accurate encoded timestamps, which match unencoded timestamps to help assure document authenticity   3.      Secured/Stratum1 Time a.      RPC needs clocks to be synced to within 15 seconds for proper operation b.      Many authentication systems, Kerberos being the most prominent example, use dated tickets to control access to systems and resources c.      Investigating incidents that involve multiple computers is much easier when the timestamps on files and in logs are all in sync.   RNTrust is leading of network synchronization Services for almost 12 years in GCC. Our innovative solutions assist to SME, Banks, enterprise organizations and governmental institutions  We provide the industry with scalable solutions across multiple generations of synchronization Services from leading principles for accurate frequency and time solutions and localize support services. Now our StratumONE services is leading the way by taking timing accuracy to the next level. This enables precise synchronization where it’s needed most. Please contact us for further details at [email protected] Contact: +971552632196
Supplier : RNTrust DUBAI
Posted On :7 months ago

Cutlery and Tray Trolley

. Cutlery and Tray Trolley scrapping hole: 230 mm.. Back side splash: 100 mm.. One under shelf: 1 mm thickness.. Top: 1.2 mm thick.. Leg: 40 x 40 mm squire / 1.5 mm thickness.. Height adjustable plastic feet.. Construction scotch bright finish 18/10 aisi 304.. Dim: 1500 x 700 x 900 mm.Trust Kitchens / Made in UAE
Supplier : Trust Kitchens Equipment ABU DHABI
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Bab Telecom is capable of providing high end ELV Solutions with a highly experienced and vendor certified team of design, estimation, pre-sales, post sales, project management, implementation and support.Our industry-leading solutions and services come from an unflagging dedication to providing customized solutions. This unique entity caters to the growing needs of ELV market in the Middle-East.
Supplier : Bab Al Bait Telecommunication System L.L.C DUBAI
Posted On :7 months ago


ADONIS SERVING TROLLEYKEY FEATURESModern, Luxe stylePolished stainless steel frameEquipped with castorsLuxury Silver Serving Trolley. This modern design features a polished stainless steel frame together with smoked glass shelves. with castors for ease of movement and is perfect for storing or serving your favorite liquors, wines, and aperitifs.DIMENSIONS :Length 72 x Width 42 x Height 77 CM
Supplier : Koala Living DUBAI
Posted On :7 months ago

Aseptic Brick Carton Filling Machines

Aseptic Brick Carton Aseptic Filling Machines for 100ml-330ml
Supplier : Karmica Global DUBAI
Posted On :7 months ago

Fruit Dumping Trolley

ADSD Steel Technical Services Cont offers complete range of customized Steel fabrication works include Design, Project Coordination, Installation & Maintenance for Commercial, Industrial & Residential Projects. We specialized in customized steel fabrication works as per requirement at any volume.
Posted On :7 months ago

Serving Trolley

The beautifully simple Seville Serving Trolley is the perfect addition to your Dining and Living area and can be used in both an outdoor and indoor set-up.Natural RattanSize:Length 115cmWidth 45cmHeight 95cm
Supplier : Home And Soul Furniture DUBAI
Posted On :7 months ago

80 cfm Air compressor – Airman PDS80LC-5C5 -After-Cooler type

Rent air compressor from Silver Line Machinery Rental LLC, The best rental company in Dubai, Hire air compressors in UAE, QATAR, UAE, OMAN FROM Silver Line. For all your compressed air needs from industrial to construction applications! A well-maintained hire fleet offered for compressors, within the rage 185cfm to 1500cfm. Silver Line Rental is leading player in rental or hire of air compressor in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah.Model-PDS80LC-5C5Series-After-Cooler PDS seriesOperating pressure-0.7[7.14][102] Mpa [kgf/cm2] [psi]Free air delivery-2.3 (80) m3/min (cfm)Fuel tank capacity-33 L
Supplier : Silver Line Construction & Machinery Rental LLC DUBAI
Posted On :7 months ago

Ice Cube Maker

Ice Cube Maker 37kg / 24hrw/ bin 16kgModel: SL70APower: 370W-220/240V-50Hz-1PhNet weight/Gross weight: 48/55 kgDim: 49.7×59.2×68.7 cmFoot: 11-15cm adjustable Frozen Dice – Made by NTF, Italy
Supplier : AL ARZ Refrigeration Equipment Trading SHARJAH
Posted On :7 months ago

Bristol Compressor-T89A424BBC-2

BRISTOL - T89A424BBC-2 230/208 VOLTS - 1phase     BTU/H : 59275 MOTOR INPUT WATTS @45/100 :3568  
Supplier : Uranus HVAC DUBAI
Posted On :7 months ago

Paving block cutters

Paving block cutters designed for cutting all types of concrete and key block paving up to 31cm width (art. 6L) and 10 cm thickness. Ideals for professional use for making squares, avenues, courtyards, car parks and roads.Simple, Reliable, Robust and Economical MADE IN ITALY
Supplier : El Mechana Technical Equipment LLC DUBAI
Posted On :7 months ago

Flag Man Robot

Model Name. Construction Robot BattaryDimension-0Material-PEFeaturesFront Beacon lightBattery powerVisual Distance 2 KM
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OIL GAS & POWER ITALIA SrlLAUNCHER & RECEIVER PIG/SPHERE TRAPSRAPID OPENING CLOSURESPIG/SPHERE HANDLING SYSTEMSNON-INTRUSIVE PIG SIGNALLERSFOAM & INTELLIGENT PIGSFILTERS & FILTERING SKIDSOIL GAS & POWER ITALIA Srl (OGP), founded in 2010 is a leading Italian company with qualified experience in the supply of Pipeline equipment’s, a leader in the cleaning descaling & rehabilitation service of a wide range of pipeline. OGP manufacturers high quality material crossed with the cheapest solutions, which is customized as per client requirements.OGP product range covers Pig Traps and suitable Rapid opening closures with diameter from 3″ to 64″ and for pressure up to ANSI Class#2500 with Vertical, horizontal and oblique orientations. Specialized in ATEX certified Clamp on Ultrasonic Non-intrusive pig signalers, OGP delivers a solution for detection of every type of pigs. OGP filters & filtering skids are designed to comply with DIN 3840 and EN 12516 standards for all types of Natural gas, LPG or non-corrosive gases.OGP has a range of stocks for foam pigs and Intelligent pigging solutions. With the expertise of qualified team and well-equipped manufacturing facility, OGP manufactures Pig/Sphere handling trolleys for various range.
Supplier : Global Industrial Equipments ABU DHABI
Posted On :7 months ago

Personal and Business Lending Solutions from Us

Do you need a financial help? Are you in any financial crisis or do you need funds to start up your own business? Do you need funds to settle your debt or pay off your bills or start a good business? Do you have a low credit score and you are finding it hard to obtain capital services from local banks and other financial institutes? Here is your chance to obtain a financial services from our company. We offer the following finance to individuals-Commercial financePersonal financeBusiness financeConstruction financeBusiness finance And many More:and many more at 3% interest rate;Contact Us Via Email: [email protected]/call # : +17249771197
Supplier : United Global Financier DUBAI
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If you have a heavy job that requires you to lift or move materials, you should consider using a man cage or crane cage. The man cage is designed to hold workers safely. These cages are made to be extremely sturdy and stable. They are also designed to be very easy to move.  You can also use them for transporting heavy loads. When you need to lift a large object, you can use the man cage to transport it safely. You can place the load in the man cage, hook the cage up to the crane or forklift, and pull the load to the desired location. They are designed to support people weighing up to 300 pounds. Al Ameen Engineering man baskets are designed, fabricated, tested, and certified to exceed federal standards, ensuring they meet the demands for long, rugged job site use. All the crane cages in UAE are manufactured in accordance with OHSAS 18001:2010. We offer a wide range of man baskets with different capacities and purposes. Our man baskets have a tool tray, four hoist chains, a side entry door, and a handrail. The removable roof allows the basket to be used in a wide variety of projects.What Are The Advantages Of Crane Cage?1.Safe To WorkAn employer should consider using personal safety equipment and other equipment that can help to prevent injuries to their employees. One important safety measure that an employer can implement is to ensure that the workplace is adequately lit. Workers should be able to identify hazards, and they should be able to move around safely and easily.The advantages of using a crane cage or man cage are numerous. They can be used to protect people from falling objects and dangerous machinery. They can also provide protection for workers who work at heights. A man basket includes increased safety, a higher level of productivity, and reduced health risks.2.Convenient To UseThe most important thing is using a crane cage makes the job of an operator much easier. Because they can be lifted and moved around, they allow the operator to easily access the job site. The most obvious is that it is a safe way to transport workers to and from work. It also provides a safe and comfortable place to work. The cage is very portable and can be moved around easily.3.High-Quality ConstructionThe man cage is manufactured with sturdy steel and comes with different convenient features, which makes it a beneficial equipment. Moreover, it comes with different useful features that makes it safe to use.​4.Multiple UsesWhether you rent a mancage in dubai or purchase it, you will be benefited since a mancage can be used for multiple purposes. You can customize the man cage according to your needs. For example, it can be used for construction, industrial uses, personnel rescue, and for general lifting. For more detailed information, please scroll below.5.Saves MoneyUsing a crane cage can save your money as it prevents accidents and injuries. Therefore, your workers can work safely without any issue. Moreover, you can also save money by renting a mancage in dubai, you can rent one whenever required at a very reasonable cost. Features Of Forklift Man BasketSwing-In Door with SafetyHigh Strength Side Rails (106 cms high)Kickplate on All Sides (10 cms)Strong Safety Chain to Secure Basket to LiftMesh Backing (152 cms high)2 Safety Harness Hook PointsFull Length Formed Fork Pockets Fit Up To 2.5″ x 7″ ForksWe have high strength and fully welded collapsible design (reduces shipping costs)250 kg Capacity and 500 kg Capacities are available​ ​NOTE: For stability reasons, it is recommended to use a minimum of 2-ton forklifts for counterbalance type forklifts and 1.5-ton on reach type  forklifts with 250 kg capacity Work Platform and 3 tons for 500 kg capacity work platform.Uses Of Man BasketThere is a wide variety of applications for safety man baskets, with many varieties of baskets used for variable functions. Knowing the meant uses of every basket because of the safety procedures for each is crucial for creating familiar buying selections and correct implementation once your basket arrives at your facility or work website.In general, safety baskets area units are used for accessing elevated work areas and things and may be mounted on a variety of machines, like forklifts, cranes, and telehandlers. Some standard uses for safety baskets include:A) Personal RescueIn the unfortunate circumstance wherever an employee is contused on-site, a rescue basket could be an extremely effective, safe, and secure suggests that of extracting the contused person from a crane-accessible location. The basket contains four tie-down points to stay the stretcher or stretcher secure, and lanyard hook points for emergency personnel, if needed. The lower half of the basket is encircled in mesh to assist keep everything contained throughout transport, whereas the open higher permits emergency personnel to simply access the patient.B) Construction & MaintenanceSpecialized construction man baskets will be accustomed safely elevate personnel within the air, employing a telehandler. Tele-handlers are typically used as rough-terrain forklifts for outside industrial or construction projects; they feature massive wheels on an important chassis. Lifting is achieved with a thick telescoping boom, often ready to reach up to regarding fifty feet. A traction grip floor surface on the basket additionally enhances employee safety whereas mistreatment of the basket.C) IndustrialThere’s a wide array of business and mining applications wherever a security basket is well matched for the work. Heavy-duty, crane-supported man baskets — conjointly referred to as suspended personnel platforms — are a decent selection for these things, once different suggests that simply won’t work. However, suspended personnel platforms are solely used for reaching elevated work areas once ladders, scaffolds, stairways, aerial lifts, and personnel hoists can't be used safely. they're subject to the rigorous bureau and different safety laws governing their use, and should be strictly inspected and tested before every use, so as to confirm the safety of the person using them.D) General LiftingThere may be times on a job site when lifting personnel without a crane is necessary, like when reaching high warehouse shelves or signage. These are situations when a forklift-mounted safety man basket is useful.These sorts of man baskets may be utilized by staff to accomplish many alternative tasks in a very warehouse or industrial website, together with picking-up orders, maintaining inventory, ever-changing lightweight bulbs or electrical fixtures, polishing off warehouse maintenance, painting roofs or walls, putting in overhead plumbing and plenty of a lot of duties. Baskets will accommodate single or multiple staff, counting on the kind of basket and also the work it's meant for.Common uses of a construction man basket mounted on a telehandler include business and residential construction; bridge and flyover construction, review and maintenance; and business painting, pressure-washing, and sand-blasting. These units simply have many potential applications for this various instrumentation.
Supplier : Al Ameen Engineering Workshop DUBAI
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cold room supplier sharjah - cold room manufacture sharjah

mana cold room Manufacuter Sales , Installation Maintenance and Service to all type of Supermarket Cold Room, Chillers and Freezer Units, Warehouse Cold Stores Units, Industrial Storage Cold Rooms, Medical Cold Rooms, Hospital Mortuary Rooms in UAE Refrigeration compressors: BITZER, GEA Bock, Frascold 
Supplier : mana cold room SHARJAH
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Transparent Screw & Bolt

Website : Email : [email protected] Phone no : 0563456767    Al Barshaa Plastic Products Company LLC, “BPPCO” is a leading Plastic manufacturing industry in Sharjah, UAE and is a major producer of Plastic Engineering products in the industrial area. BPPCO offers cost effective plastic products solutions to construction field, airline industry, dairy products, food & beverages, cosmetic, personal care, lube oil, pharmaceutical and industrial manufacturers by using the latest technologies in the Injection molding & Blown film processes to produce wild range of Plastic engineering parts, Automotive parts, Jerry Cans, Bottles, Caps and closures.
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Self-Contained Ice Cube Machine

IceTech SS 45 Self-Contained Ice Cube Machine, 42 kgIce Cube: MediumCondensation System: AirUp to 42kg production per 24/hrStorage Kg: 15Produces ice cubes that melt slowly, Ideal to be used with drinksHigh-quality AISI 304 stainless steel exteriorDesigned to minimize friction and to ensure maximum surface tension for reduced sound levelsElectromechanical controls - timer and thermostatMade in Spain
Supplier : Ekuep DUBAI
Posted On :8 months ago

Instrument Trolley

 Smooth stainless steel shelves with handrail on three sides. Two stainless steel shelves with three sided railing on both shelf. Four 75mm silent castors and two with brakes are equipped. The guardrails are equipped to prevent objects from falling. Polished and welded well. Firm and stable installation
Supplier : Abonemed DUBAI
Posted On :8 months ago

Pinch Crowbar

Hardened high-performance alloy steelLong, tapered end for alignments and flat end for lifting and bending heavy partsUsed for levering and prying materials.Point tip works in the tightest spaces.
Supplier : Abasco Tools DUBAI
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We offer bespoke Interior Solutions with vast expertise in office fit outs and turnkey projects
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Simag Ice Flaker

Ice flaker.. cap: 1150 kg / 24 hours.. ice: flake ice.. cooling system: air.. cooling unit body: stainless steel aisi 304.. production system: continous.. power: 230 v / 50 hz / 3900 w.. water consumption: 1150 ltr / 24 h.. weight: 242 kg.. ice maker dim: 1065 x 698 x 850 mm.SPN1205 / simag by scotsman / made in italy.
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Electronic Cigarette Heets and IQOS Device

IQOS cigarettes or heat sticks are the newest method to smoke with style. At, you can find the best selection of different heets flavors. Because of our quick shipping and high-quality service, our online store is a trusted source for electronic cigarettes in Dubai. We also sell eye-catching IQOS gadgets with a variety of functionalities. So, select and buy heets online in Dubai from We are always ready to provide you with the best service possible.
Supplier : MyHeets DUBAI
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Geantbulb Edison Vase

Serax – Geantbulb Edison Vase Medium H16cm ChroomContent (cl) 62.20Height (cm) 16.00Designer Catherine GrandidierMaterial borosilicaatglasWeight (kg) 0.10Dia (cm) 9.50Color clearCatherine always has the finger on the pulse in terms of emerging trends. Her Edison collection has already earned her international recognition and has been acclaimed worldwide.
Posted On :10 months ago

Spiral Wound Gasket

The solid outer edge colour indicates the metal winding used and the vertical stripes indicate the filler usedDimensions are in millimeters unless otherwise indicated.The image shows a Spiral Wound gasket with Inner – and Outer rings.d1 = Inside diameter when Inner ring is used.d2 = Inside diameter sealing element when no Inner ring is used.d3 = Outside diameter of sealing element.d4 = Outside diameter of Outer ring.The thickness of the inner and outer ring: 2.97 mm – 3.33 mm.Thickness sealing element: 4.45 mm.Tolerance Outside diameter for NPS 1/2 through NPS 8 is ± 0.8 mm; for NPS 10 trough NPS 24 tolerance is + 1.5 mm – 0.8 mm.ASME B16.20 does not cover class 400 flanges up to NPS 3 and class 900 flanges up to NPS 2½.There is no class 400 flanges NPS 1/2 thru NPS 3 (use Class 600), class 900 flanges NPS 1/2 thru NPS 2½ (use Class 1500), or class 2500 flanges NPS 14 or larger.The inner ring inside diameters shown for NPS 1¼ thru 2½ in class 1500 and 2500 will produce inner ring widths of 0.12 inches, a practical minimum for production purposes.ASME B16.20 which covers spiral wound gaskets requires the use of solid metal inner rings in Pressure Class 900, nominal pipe sizes 24 and larger, Pressure Class 1500 from nominal pipe sizes 12 and larger, Pressure Class 2500 from nominal pipe sizes 4 and larger, and all PTFE filled gaskets.
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Industrial Stand Fan

Super Asia Industrial Stand Fan 24Some things and some people are known for great performance without making any noise. Super Asia Industrial Stand Fan 24” is one of them. The energy-efficient fan with a triple-speed heavy-duty motor is well-suited for long term use in industrial uses.
Supplier : Augment General Trading LLC DUBAI
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Training facilities

We along with our partner ensure throughout the entire life cycle of product purchase to usage applications. We support you with our comprehensive service network, providing the full range of Aftersales services.Along with our partner, we aim to ensure smooth transitions throughout the entire life cycle of product, from purchase to usage applications.We aim to support you with our comprehensive service network, providing a full range of Aftersales Services:
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Industrial Tools

Industries & ToolsPortable Machining and welding Equipments
Supplier : Arizona Tools Company KOLKATA
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Data visualization

Data visualization describes the introduction of unique data in graphical structure. Information perception permits us to spot examples, patterns, and connections that in any case may go unnoticed in customary reports, tables, or spreadsheets.Studies show that people react to visuals superior to some other sort of boosts. The human mind measures visual data multiple times quicker than text. Indeed, visual information represents 90 percent of the data communicated to the cerebrum.Visualization Goals?Three Functions of Visualization Record: store data Analyze: bolster thinking about data Communicate: pass on data to other people
Supplier : BugendaiTech FZCO DUBAI
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Ice Maker

Super General Ice Maker (SGIM012HS)
Supplier : Jackys Electronics DUBAI
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American Garden Mayonnaise

Creamy and delicious, the American Garden U.S. Mayonnaise is an essential addition to any kitchen pantry. This mayonnaise adds savory flavor to sandwiches, salads, and more.
Supplier : Golden Grains Foodstuff Trading LLC DUBAI
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Leveling Laser

Multiple direction and multiple point leveling machines
Supplier : Dani Trading LLC DUBAI
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Binaca Healthcare is known for its excellence in Clinical Interior Design and has years of experience in designing interiors that make patients feel at home. Our service allows patients to adapt to the hospital space quickly and feel comfortable. Advancements in technology have made our healthcare facilities top-notch. Technologies that not only provide better medical services but also make our hospitals and clinics look more comfortable. We are integrated with the latest technology in Medical Clinic Interior Design. With the help of virtual reality (VR), we can create 3D models in the clinic.  Clinical Interior Designs have the exceptional facilities to install projectors, camera setup, and large video screens in an easy way that can be used in your conference rooms, and examinations rooms according to your convenience. When it comes to the best infrastructure, Binaca Healthcare solutions has telemedicine services providing services like collecting and sharing medical information to medicals and patients. We have video consultations, remote monitoring of patients' health, wireless pill bottles, and reminding them to take their medicines on time. We also provide charging points that are installed completely in the clinic and allow your staff members, visitors, and patients to keep their phones or other devices fully charged. Knowing the importance of wheeled workstations, we have offered wheeled workstations making the job easy for your technicians and nurses to work quickly. We plan your interior spaces with natural light in your corridors, examination rooms, and waiting areas and you would receive enough light in the backstage areas of your clinic.
Supplier : Binaca Medical Equipment Trading LLC DUBAI
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Omeir Cargo offers exclusive airfreight services through our specialized cargo offices in the emirate of Abu Dhabi. A wide range of innovative and customized solutions and services for freight and logistics are provided for our customers. Whether its commercial shipments, personal effects, household goods or even protect cargo, focused attention and concerted efforts are directed in achieving the highest level of customer satisfaction by a team of experienced staff in a cost-effective manner.Wide range of innovative and customized solutions and services are provided for customer’s freight and logistic needs. Global standard facilities and technology are manned by dedicated and experienced workforce to ensure that cargo needs are taken care of, efficiently and effectively. Our services include door-to-door in cooperation with reputable associates abroad to major destinations. Our airport branch offers the facility of clearing and forwarding of inbound cargo. We are also the cargo representatives of International Airlines in the emirate of Abu Dhabi, hence ensuring all your requirements with better options and viable solutions.
Supplier : Omeir Travel Agency ABU DHABI
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. cap: 510 kg / 24 hours. . bin storage: 240 kg.. ice: flake ice.. cooling system: air.. cooling unit body: stainless steel aisi 304.. production system: continous.. power: 230 v / 50 hz / 1700 w.. weight: 102 kg. . gas refrigerator: R404a. . ice bin dim:942 x 795 x 1053 + 100  mm.. dim: 645 x 645 x 910 mm.ESM-510A,brice,made in italy.
Supplier : Al Razana Kitchen Equipments DUBAI
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NEDO X-LINER 360 460875 GREENSelf-levelling multi-line laser for levelling, aligning, plumbing and marking off right angles Green laser lines for excellent visibility Horizontal 360? laser line A laser cross on each of two walls Laser cross on the ceiling and plumb point on the floor The vertical laser lines extend far beyond the intersection point Reliable magnetic damping Sturdy, compact housing, splashwater protected in accordance with IP 54 Axis alignment is simple because the vertical laser planes intersect on a line that passes through the pivot point of the tripod and the plumb point Removable tripod with fine adjustment for quick and exact axis alignment 1/4 and 5/8 connection thread
Supplier : Misar Trading Company LLC DUBAI
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We offer full range of Office and Educational Furniture with International standards and Accreditation from FURSYS and European Products such as Workstations, Desk systems, Chair, Conference system, hospitality and class room furniture.
Supplier : ARAB GULF Equipment Co. Office Furniture System DUBAI
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Instant Ice Maker

Crownline - Instant Ice Maker, IM-162- Makes 2 different size ice cubesBrand:CrownlineColor:SilverWatt:120 WCountry Of Manufacture:ChinaWeight (KG):9.51Height (CM):37Width (CM):43.5Depth (CM):31
Supplier : Better Life Home Appliance DUBAI
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Laser Alignment Tool

UKE - Laser Alignment Tool – ShimsModel # 830-Shims Corrects vertical misalignment. Optional accessory for the Fluke-830Precision alignment shim kit that corrects vertical misalignment.
Supplier : AAB Tools Industrial Supplies DUBAI
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Luma 2/R Portable Projection Screen

The Luma 2/R is a large, portable spring-roller operated projection screen. A simple, practical choice wherever a large, portable spring-roller screen is required. Simple design, rugged construction. Housed in a steel case finished in black with matching endcaps.Depending on surface, available in sizes through 12’ x 12’ (366cm x 366cm) and 15’ (457cm) NTSC.Custom sizes available.Warranted for one year against defects in materials and workmanship.Optional Adjustable Floor Stand: Part No. 212001 (Sold Separately) Adjustable Floor Stand is made of heavy gauge steel and anodized aluminum. The Floor Stand supports the Luma 2/R in an inverted position at floor level. Telescoping upright, the Floor Stand holds top of viewing surface when extended (maximum of 12’ (366cm). Floor Stand assembles easily without tools. No Floor Stand component is longer than 6’ (183cm).
Supplier : Almoe Digital Solutions LLC (AV & IT) DUBAI
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Expandable Packaging Solution

We at Econovus provide Expendable solutions like: - E-commerce - FEFCO Cartons - IMC cartons - Die-Punch boxes - Display Boxes - Multi-Color Printing - Ready Food Packaging - White goods - Toys - Foods & Beverages Contact us to get the right package for your brand.
Supplier : Merry Land DUBAI
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USE-250 EASize: (H) 250 x (W) 350 x (D) 250Open and Close 3-8 codes
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We supply our products to a variety of sectors in the UAE and around the Middle East. We've taken on several large-scale projects in recent years and completed them on schedule and to a high standard, earning us praise from a variety of organizations both at home and abroad.All steps in the fiberglass composites making process, i.e., installation, inspection, testing, and maintenance, are all handled and monitored to the highest quality standards. We are the best fiberglass suppliers in UAE. We make fiberglass planter pots, Fiberglass materials and fiberglass doors… and supply them all over the UAE.
Supplier : Al Noor Fiber Glass Trading LLC DUBAI
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VAT Advisory Services in Dubai

KWS Middle East is one of the best business setup service provider in Dubai. The company provides consultancy to businesses regarding company formation in Dubai and support services such as visa and product registration. With the introduction of VAT in the UAE, businesses have increasingly asked for help with the registration and procedure details. KWS Middle East provides businesses with details regarding the tax and the eligibility criteria. The business setup consultants in Dubai also provide you with the details on how to register and provide the financial transactions to the government as required by them in order to be safe from the penalty that has to be paid on late updating of company ledgers. Company formation in Dubai will now be even more interesting with the application of VAT tax. KWS Middle East will help new investors and entrepreneurs to understand the process and reasons behind the implementation of the new tax and help them deal with it in the market.• An impact analysis on your company business to identify what needs to be addressed• Assess & Review of business processes & accounting systems• Business Registration Assistance• Mandatory compliance with legislation & advising on transitional provisions• Periodic review of compliance & assistance in making your Business tax complaint
Supplier : KWS Middleeast DUBAI
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MT Profil Float Operated Gauge - Adjustable ScaleMT-Profil R – 1½” universal.Mechanical tank contents gauge with plastic planetary gear.Scaled in cm. Connection thread G1½”.Adjustable scale 0-250cm.For rectangular or cylindrical tanks to 2500mm high or diameter.
Supplier : Control Tech Middle East SHARJAH
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TURTLE CONCRETE STATUEDimensions (HxW)18cm x 20cmMade in Spain
Supplier : Royal Garden Centre DUBAI
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Portable Toilets

Polycon Portable Restrooms (Toilets) provide you with a quality solution when you need to provide adequate sanitation and changing facilities.Polycon Portable Restrooms are ideal for temporary public events, playgrounds, parks, job sites or urban settings. Polycon portable restrooms are made of UV Stabilised Polyethylene giving stability and eliminating the problem of rotting foundation. It is lightweight and can be moved, transported, and relocated easily.Polycon Portable Restrooms are also available in customized colors upon request. 
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Interior Decoration Works

Supplier : Rigid Metal & Wood Industries DUBAI
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Forklift Laser Light

Forklift Laser Light system equipped with laser beam projection indicates the exact fork position, increasing the productivity and safety within the warehouse while simultaneously reducing transportation time and chances of product damage. The power source of the lighting system is a rechargeable battery with a remote control switch and laser power and laser wavelength of 100mw and 650mm, respectively.Suitable for Class 1,2,3 and 4Type: Red laser alignment systemRemote control switchLaser Light/BatteryPower Source rechargeable batteryFull Recharge time 8 HoursUse time per recharge 50-70 hoursLaser Wavelength 650mm (red)Laser power 100mwLaser safety class IIBWarranty: 1year
Supplier : Sharpeagle Technology DUBAI
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Interiors & Joinery (Residential Interiors, Office Interiors, Hospitality Interiors, Retail Interiors)

The sectors we serve include Commercial, Hospitality, Residential and Retail.The design and build of luxurious interiors is our forte.With Complete in-house capabilities of interior Designing, 3D Visualization, interior Fit Out, Bespoke Furniture Manufacturing and Joinery Works. We are able to execute complete turnkey interior projects of design and build right from conceptualization to completion.Our team of innovative Designers and technically proficient Engineers work collaboratively to ensure each project is professionally planned and executed to the highest quality standards.Every care is taken to make sure that projects are completed within budget and on schedule to achieve the delight of every client.Our Manufacturing facility is a purpose built shed with state of the woodworking machinery.
Supplier : Rigid Industries SHARJAH
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Steel Lockers

A multi-purpose steel cabinet that can be use for home stuff, Gym, school, Labour camps, office lockers for employees, and other commercial spaces
Supplier : SSS Al Zaabi Steel Products Trading DUBAI
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How to Hire Chiller Vans and Refrigerated Truck Rental?

What is the Purpose of Refrigerated Truck Rental?The Refrigerated Truck Rental and Vans are built for chilling, freezing or split-temperature transport to ensure perishable goods stay fresh at the time of delivery. Refrigerated Trucks come in a variety of applications, such as: Refrigerated Pantechs.Get the most appropriate comparison for any rental request for a chiller van, cooler van, cargo/delivery van, refrigerated van, chiller, or chilled truck for any number of items weighing 1 ton to 7 tones.Almost all types of Refrigerated trucks, with and without drivers who have done a CDL training course, are available for hire on a short-term, long-term, day-to-day, week-to-week, month-to-month, and yearly basis, as well as for trips and events.CHILLER VAN – Temperature ranges from +5 to +0 degrees Celsius.Cooler VAN – Temperature ranges from 0 to – 18 degrees Celsius.VAN FOR FREIGHT/DELIVERY – No refrigeration requirements.CHILLER REEFER VAN – Temperature can control between +5 and +0 degrees Celsius.Cooler REEFER VAN – Temperature can control between 0 and – 18 degrees Celsius.CHILLER TRUCK – Temperatures can control between 0 and 5 degrees Celsius.Cooler TRUCK – Temperature ranges from 0 to – 25 degrees Celsius.TRUCK FOR FREIGHT/DELIVERY-NO COOLING REQUIREMENTSHow Does a Chiller Van Work?They work in the same way that household refrigerators do, they use an insulated airtight compartment to absorb heat and dissolve that heat outside the compartment to ensure the inside contents stay cool.If you’re unsure whether your type of business necessitates a Freezer Van, Chiller Van, or delivery/cargo Van, we understand. Many different terminologies use to describe temperature-regulated vehicles, and we know that they can be confusing. The following are the main disparities and that assist you in coordinating your exact requirements.The rental of a chiller van is ideal for maintaining the low temperatures of chilled commodities.Cooler vans are ideal for transporting hardened goods.Conveyance/freight Vans are ideal for transporting products and materials that do not require temperature control. These can use for both traditional and dry goods transportation.CHILLER VANSYou don’t have to worry about the cold now and again. To keep the shipped goods fresh, all you need is a suitable temperature. Or perhaps, all things considered, you require a temperature ranging from +5 to 0 degrees Celsius. As a result, you only need a chiller van.Chiller van rental is the most well-known and widely used method for transporting chillers and refrigerated goods at a controlled temperature of +5 C° to 0 C°. These vans are specially equipped with an appropriate refrigeration system, adjusting the temperature according to your items’ storage temperature requirements. These are a regular and rapid conveying wellspring of chilled transportation with substantially restricted limitations of 1 to 2 tons transported product and estimating limits up to 20 tons. The inward refrigerated lodge of a conventional rooftop van is 2.5(L)x1.5(W)x1.25(H) meters in size.The refrigeration unit controls the position in the eye-line of the van administrator/driver on these vehicles. Entryway components and car electrics provide full access boards. There are food-safe sealants that aid in the prevention of dangerous form development. The Chiller Vans furnish with protective panels that are entirely reinforced inside the vehicle to maintain the proper temperature. Mass headboards are installed on the taxi side and are either GRP-shaped or dark vinyl. The mass heads also consolidate the trucking for the wiring weaver and hoses.CHILLER TRUCKSChiller trucks use more significant quantities, larger sizes, and increasingly heavier cargo and items that must keep at a constant temperature between 0 and 5 degrees Celsius. The lodge comes in a variety of sizes and lengths, depending on your needs.In our armada of action, the smallest chiller truck started from a distance of 10 feet. The smallest chiller truck is 3(L) x 1.5(W) x 1.8(H) meters in length, width, and height. We have a range of transporting capacities available, ranging from 2 to 10 tones.Not only is the vehicle’s size important, but it also considers the weight of the items. Larger vehicles will be unable to fit into certain stacking regions due to a height restriction. Would you please observe the height clearance for your pick-up and drop-off points so that we can prepare the appropriate Chiller truck to pick up your belongings?ConclusionChiller vans and trucks are necessary to carry products under suitable temperatures like ice cream, vegetables, fruits, etc. Vaccines, medications, and other medical supplies like blood must all be maintained at precise temperatures to remain viable and safe to use. Medicine active chemicals are susceptible to changing circumstances, and any errors in storage or transportation might be exceedingly costly and potentially harmful to public health.Temperature-controlled transit determines the quality of fresh food in butcher shops, bakeries, and supermarkets. Fruit and vegetables require different storage temperatures than meat and fish to keep them fresh and safe to eat during storage and transportation.So, hire chiller vans and trucks according to your products to keep them safe.
Supplier : Dubai Chiller Trucks DUBAI
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Fleet Management System Enroutech

Enroutech Technologies LLC. is a security and fleet management system service provider based in UAE. We want to list our company on your website for getting better traffic and visibility. Kindly allow us to do so. We would be highly grateful. 
Supplier : En Route Technologies LLC DUBAI
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Exterior Villa Design Services

Our premium villa exterior house design services have been revamping ‎& creating many beautiful structures across the UAE province. We ‎believe that beautification & designing of the exterior area is as ‎important as the interior space. The cultural heritage in the UAE province ‎has always given utmost significance to the beautification of structures. ‎We have technical skills & aesthetic sense to create magnificent external ‎appearance of any villa.‎ Some of the imperative aspects we consider while working for Villa ‎Exterior House Design:‎ ‎• Coalesce Nature with the Structure‎ While creating design blueprint for the exterior décor, we give ‎paramount importance to the natural aspect. Our designs have been ‎distinctively unique. Many of the Villas developed by us have stunning ‎natural elements gracing their exteriors. It may be in the form of a ‎waterfall made with natural stones & rocks or maybe a structure ‎resembling a small hill. We assure you that each design suggested by us ‎will make your house look stunning & unique from outside.‎ ‎• Efficient Space development ‎ We have expertise in development & planning of the villa exterior house ‎design. We have adequate skill, experience & sagacity to plan the ‎space keeping beauty & utilization under consideration. We have ‎designed villas where our client wished to have space for every ‎member of the family along with the house help. A beautiful villa was ‎designed for them where cozy & stunning seating with a kids’ corner to ‎play was given. Here we also provided an amazingly equipped garage ‎for the cars & comfortable quarters were built.‎ ‎• Unique Beautification Ideas We have access to exquisite & rare artifacts, which can be a great ‎attention grabber for your space. Our expert outfitting services can ‎build beautiful fountains & structures to add unmatched beauty to your ‎exteriors. One of the villas designed by us had a beautiful & stylish ‎structure made of natural looking rocks in the garden area & it indeed ‎looked stunning. We can put together a wonderful looking swimming ‎pool & external spa arrangement to add opulence in your life while ‎developing villa exterior house design.‎ ‎• One of a Kind‎ Our understanding of the need for designing is very clear. We know that ‎each client approaching us is seeking something exclusive & marvelous. ‎We have the complete assurance to all our clients that each project ‎developed by us will be one of a kind. Our villa exterior house design ‎services will ensure the development of the pace keeping the personal ‎choice & optimum functionality in consideration. We completely ‎understand that each family will have distinctive requirements & ‎preferences; our entire designing process has been developed to ‎create output keeping this aspect in mind. ‎ Every house has its own signature life & story. We give a little boost to the ‎memories by making them beautiful. Every villa exterior house design ‎developed by us has been a unique structure grabbing a lot of ‎attention in the respective surroundings. You are welcome to approach ‎us to make your beautiful villa even more luxurious & exclusive.‎
Supplier : interior Designers, Interior Decorators & Car Parking Shades Suppliers in UAE DUBAI
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Company Formation

We provide service related to setting up a new company in Dubai and UAE. We provide attractive sponsorship and office spaces at affordable rates. All kinds of approvals from municipality, economic and moh can be executed by our expert PRO teams.
Supplier : Bis and Juris Corporate Consultancy LLC DUBAI
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Prolab Wrap Around Labels

Silver Fox®, market leading UK manufacturer of cablelabelling solutions for the Energy, Power, Rail and Datamarkets worldwide.With Silver Fox® you are assured consistent qualitybacked up by independent tests from independentlaboratories. This gives long term durability and solower maintenance costs.With Silver Fox® you can also be confident onachieving significant time savings when producingyour labels.The Labacus® Innovator Software is updatedautomatically free of charge from wherever you are inthe world, giving you the benefit of the latestfunctionality, ensuring you achieve maximum timesavings
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grc and grp

Our Services also includes GRC Works - Design and Decorations for Buildings, Villas, Residential, Hotels.And, we are Offering the Most Reasonable Prices and a Good Supply-Services and  After-Service from our professional experienced, dedicated team of young and energetic staff that are always at the service to our clients.
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Supplier : Uniphos International Ltd MUMBAI
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Supplier : World Wide Traders DUBAI
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Nickel & Copper Alloy

Sheet and Plates Range :5 mm to 100 mm thick in upto 2500 mm width & upto 6000 length available with NACE MR 01-75s.Nickel Alloy :ASTM / ASME SB 162 UNS 2200 ( NICKEL 200 ) / UNS 2201 (NICKEL 201 )ASTM / ASME SB 127UNS 4400 (MONEL 400 )ASTM / ASME SB 424 UNS 8825 (INCONEL 825)ASTM / ASME SB 168UNS 6600 (INCONEL 600 ) / UNS 6601 ( INCONEL 601 )ASTM / ASME SB 443 UNS 6625 (INCONEL 625)ASTM / ASME SB 574 UNS 10276 ( HASTELLOY C 276 )ASTM / ASME SB 462 UNS 8020 ( ALLOY 20 / 20 CB 3 )
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Prime Power Generators

​Need continuous power for extended periods of time? Look no further than Cummins Power Generation. Even if your next project is in a developing area with no utility service, has service that is too expensive or has a history of unreliability, Cummins delivers economical prime power for industrial and municipal installations.Complete Power System AssuranceA prime power system from Cummins Middle East is more than a piece of equipment. When you specify a Cummins power system, you can be sure that it is engineered with the application expertise - including testing, validation and on-site support – to deliver reliable power in the most challenging applications. Here is how Cummins delivers fail-safe performance for your prime power demands:Specialized solutions for challenging environmentsProven equipment reliability and durabilityOptions in prime mover technology diesel or natural gas reciprocating enginesSystem paralleling, remote operation and monitoringRental power for immediate or temporary needsLocally stocked Genuine Cummins parts and componentsFactory-certified service technicians 24/7, emergency parts and service supportProven ExperienceCummins' capabilities are proven across a wide spread of prime power projects. Whether it is providing a series of gas generator sets or delivering turnkey solutions, we have created and contributed to a huge array of challenging projects worldwide. Our track record ranges from industrial and municipal applications, to oil fields and peaking and utility systems in locations as diverse as Europe, Russia, Australia, the US, China, Africa and the Middle East.Seamless Support for Maximum UptimeOur distributor locations encircle the world, giving you fast access to expert service and maintenance from experienced Cummins technicians. We offer everything from preventive maintenance programs to round-the-clock emergency response and customized service agreements. In addition, our extensive distributor network ensures excellent parts availability, critical in minimizing any downtime of your equipment.
Supplier : Cummins Arabia FZCO DUBAI
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Best Parking Shades Company

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Eminent Business Valuation Companies Based in UAE

Dun and Bradstreet UAE has been acclaimed as one of the topmost business valuation companies in the United Arab Emirates, having garnered a reputation as a reliable service provider over the years by ensuring that customer satisfaction is our first priority. We know that an accurate business valuation report can make or break a business, which is why we don’t stop after giving you a business valuation report pdf; we make sure we go all the way and help you think up out-of-the-box business solutions that go hand in hand with the valuation report we create for you.  For more details :
Supplier : CRIF Gulf LLC (Dun & Bradstreet) DUBAI
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Cold Storage Installation and Maintenance

Are you looking for Cold storage maintenance and installation service in UAE? If yes then Amcon is available for providing same services with highly qualified team and high quality equipments. We have already done many works Across the UAE and they are happy with our work. We have big list of our client they will prove you how we work.
Supplier : Amcon Electromechanical Works LLC DUBAI
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ablution cabin

For more details, please feel free to contact me on 00971 56 323 4400 or email to  [email protected] current fleet includes Generators, Tower Lights, Air Compressors, welding machines, Steer loaders (bobcat), storage containers, modular office cabin, and ablution containers, washroom, toilet, and other equipment. More details can be found at 
Supplier : Blue Fin Heavy Equipment Rental LLC DUBAI
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Portable toilet for hire

We have various size prefab modular office and washroom for hire
Supplier : Blue Fin Heavy Equipment Rental LLC DUBAI
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Business Advisory Firms in Dubai

Leap is a Globally Renowned Business Advisory and Business Consultant Firm in Dubai. We are the Best Business Solutions Consultancy Services for all Businesses and Industries to help them to create efficiencies and cost-saving Solutions for Reaching Business Goals. Leap is leading Business Solutions Consulting Companies in the UAE.
Supplier : Leap Excellence DUBAI
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WD 40 Available wholesale & Retail
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Kazema - Best Mobile Toilet Camping In Dubai

Kazema started as Kazema Steel Works company in Ajman in 1983, developed into a huge steel fabrication firm, along with steel prefabricated buildings, portable steel structures before it opened a branch as Kazema Portable Toilets.Kazema Portable Toilets is among the leading suppliers of Plastic (Polyethylene) portable toilets, GRP portable toilets and sinks, and other portable sanitation equipment's.  All of the products they offer are made from high quality materials. The company has a wide variety of ancillary products and accessories designed to assist your business in earning more.All our products have been recognized in the market and have reached high demands here in UAE and in other parts of the world like Middle East, India, Africa and India.We functions and give professional support worldwide to supply clients locally and for exportation.All our portable toilet units are available in ex-stock and have passed quality inspection and testing for durability, ready-usage and quality. We are all aiming to provide you the best products that you request.ContactWebsite - Kazema Portable ToiletsOffice - 1204, Falcon Business Towers B1,PO Box: 30758, Rashidiya, Ajman,United Arab EmiratesWorking Days: Sunday to ThursdayWorking Hours: 08:30am to 06:00pmPhone: 00971 6 7407114Mobile: 00971556025765Fax: 00971 6 7407124
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KIND ATTENTION:  PROJECT MANAGER / PURCHASE MANAGER   Dear Sir, Subject: Introduction of our company as a manufacturer & supplier of Industrial valves & pipe fittings AAIMA brand GROOVED FITTINGS FOR EASY PIPE JOINTS FOR PLANT   Please  give us a valuable inquiry to us In up coming project for new requriment ,this reference we are sending you a introduction of our company and catalogs also.please send us the your requriment.  AAIMA engineering company is a manufacturer of high quality industrial valves and pipe fittings, also manufacturing std as per orders design all type valves to suit most are requirement,  for all most critical requirement.we can make it any size of valves in any metal. AAIMA brand industrial valves  valves & fittings the list of our products are as given blow.  ALL SIZE INDUSTRIAL VALVES & PIPE FITTINGS IN ANY METAL –             DUPLEX SPECIALIST FITTINGS-FLANGES 1.    Gate, Globe, Check & Ball valves. SPECIAL IN DUPLEX MATERIAL 2.    Butterfly valves. CI/ DI, WCB. 3.    Strainers (‘Y’ Type, ‘T’ Type, & ‘POT’ Type ) 4.    Steam Traps. ( Td-3, Float Type, Bucket Type ) 5.    Air Valves ( Single & Double ) 6.    Diaphragm & Pinch Valves 7.    Plug Valves / Pulp Valves & PENUMATIC / ELE AUTO VALVES 8.    VICTAULICK GROOVED COUPLING for easy pipe joint for plant ½” to 12”   Our Ready Stock Items Are: Ø  Gate Valves & Globe Valve (½” To 10”), Non Return Check Valves (½” To 10”), Ball Valves (½” To 6”) Ø  Butterfly Valves (1½” To 12”), Pulp Valves (½” To 10”)  Give us the opportunity to work with your company.we give you good quality=good services=good prices its AAIMA We are an ISO 9001-2015 /MSME / NSIC /CE  Certificated Company Committed to Product Innovation by Engineering Excellence & Precision Manufacturing OF VALVES & FITTINGS Thanking you For: - AAIMA engineering company.     s.kumar  ( Er) cell:-+91-9825186988 20,shayona estate,dudheshwar road,nr:-vadilal ice cream factory,ahmedabad-380004.india Telefax + 91-79-25632507 / 98251 86988 / 9898 00 2507 Email:-aaimaval[email protected] ,      
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Scaffolding And Formworks Inspection Services

SCAFFCO’s dedicated team of qualified supervisors is available to provide on-site inspection services to ensure efficient use of material and safe erection procedures based on the approved design of the system and in accordance the latest applicable quality and safety standards.     Comprehensive reports of inspection findings and recommendations will be communicated and closely coordinated with customers site representatives to ensure the success of the project.
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