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We are pleased to introduce our company, Glab International located in Ajman Freezone, Ajman UAE and established since 2013 and continue growing until present.

We engaged in wide range of supplying and trading high technology qualified products for scientific & technology such as microbiological, medical, industrial, mechanical, civil, environmental and geological field.

We specialized in material and analyzing testing equipments for:
1. Construction and civil works
2. Mechanical
3. Oil & petroleum
4. Microbiology
5. Analytical
6. Environmental & geological

We can also offer and provide you range of bulk/retail chemicals in analytical, food and commercial grade such as:
1. Laboratory
2. Pharmaceutical
3. Cosmetic
4. Agricultural (organic and inorganic)
5. Industrial
6. Agricultural (organic and inorganic)
7. Oil & petroleum chemicals
8. Food additives
9. Cleaning & disinfectants
10. Dyes & Pigments

We also offer chemicals, reagents, lab consumable items and also glassware items, such as:
1. Centrifuge, Distillation Apparatus, Filters & pumps
2. Hot Plate
3. Shakers
4. Furnaces, Ovens, Incubator,
5. Homogenizers, Stirrers & Mixers
6. Water bath
7. Colony Counter
8. pH meters, Balances, Density Meters
9. Thermometers, Viscometers
10. Pipettes & Titration
11. Microscopes, Cameras, Photometers & Optical Instrumentations
12. Spectrophotometer
13. Viscometers
14. Reactors
15. Thermostats
16. Autoclaves
17. Microbiological Kits
18. Glass, porcelain, steel, crucible & plastic wares
19. Reagents
20. Laboratory Cupboard Fumes
21. Different ranges of laboratory setting-up (medical, testing, scientific, experimental & school) and furniture

We also deal with main & simple medical equipments such as:
1. Ultra Sound
2. ECG
3. X-ray
4. MRI
5. Anaesthetic Unit
6. CT Scan
7. Dialysis Unit
8. Incubator, freezers and refrigerators
9. Defibrillators
10. Electrosurgical Unit
11. Medical LCDs
12. Stethoscopes
13. Pulse Oximeter
14. Sphygmomanometer
15. Urine Analyzer

As well as medical diagnostic & test kits, consumables/disposables, test strips, general medical items, dressing & protecting wears and cleaning supplies, such as:
1. Diagnostic, Urine, Stool Test Kits, Smeartest
2. Pipettes, Burettes, Handling & Dosing
3. Blood Lancets
4. Slides, tubes, bottles, storage & transport boxes for samples
5. Embedding Cassettes
6. Blood & urine bags
7. Syringes & needles
8. Clamps, tweezers, forceps & tongs
9. Electrodes, swabs, wipes, wrap, gauzes, bandage, plasters & tapes,
10. Glass, Porcelain & Plastic wares
11. Gynaecology applicators, brush, spatula, spoons & speculum
12. Ultrasound gel, Medical lubricants & Electrode cream/gel/contact spray, & Endoscopic Gel
13. Scalpels, scalpel-blades, scissors, cutters & razors
14. Dissection Sets
15. Rapid disinfectant
16. Concentrated surface & instrument disinfectant cleaner
17. Hand disinfectant & sanitizers
18. Alcohols, Aqua dest, cream soap,
19. Medical face masks, caps, shoe cover, coats, aprons, over sleeves, beard mask, filtering half mask, gloves, safety glasses/googles & eyes/face shield
20. Surgical cover & rescue cover (thermal blanket)Disposable string, pant, bra & identification bracelet
21. And other general medical supplies and furniture (trolleys, wheelchairs, bed, stands, etc.)

We also take scope for university, medical schools and academy lab supplies such as:
1. Educational Presentation and tools for:
 Biology
 Chemistry
 Physics
 Anatomy (real human plastinated specimens)
 Botany
 Zoology
 Astronomy
 Earth Science
2. Laboratory equipments and machines
3. Laboratory glass, porcelain, porcelain, steel & plastic wares
4. Laboratory Chemicals & reagents
5. Visual representations (illustrations, videos and charts)

Being a general trading company, we also please to introduce to you the trendiest and coolest electronic devices and gadgets in the most high technology manner at the most affordable price(brand new or refurbished), such as:
1. Android & smart mobile phones
2. Tablets
3. Laptop
4. Desktop
5. Printers
6. Projectors
7. Accessories (cd/dvds, usb, hard disks, memory cards, power banks, wireless speakers, virtual laser keyboards, earphones, headsets, etcs.)

Our principles and suppliers belongs to leading brands and top manufacturers and distributors of their designated fields mainly based in UK, Germany, US, France, Switzerland, Italy, KSA, India, Hongkong and Japan.

We ensure you that we will provide the best products and highly professional services with consistent, high quality, reasonable market oriented price, punctual delivery, and after sales report.

Please see the attached company profile for complete details of our company.

For any enquiry or question, feel free to contact us. We are eager to answer your enquiries and are willing to do our best adjustments to comply your targets.

We are looking forward to have business with you.

We are your helping hand for prosperous growth, for your achievement we are fast!
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