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CONDAT Industrial greases UAE

Price : On Request

Sold by MILLTECH fze

MILLTECH fze -UAE-OMAN - QATAR  KSA KUWAIT BAHRIN, ( Condat has been formulating and manufacturing greases for more than 160 years. We have had to adapt to different technological revolutions. Today we have a complete range of lubricating greases and also recognised expertise in numerous application fields.We rely on an effective research laboratory, equipped with high-technology state-of-the-art apparatus.TribometersRheometersThermal analysis equipmentSpecific standardised testsExperts in tribology (the study of friction) and saponification (soap-making from fats and alkalis), we have a catalogue of nearly 500 greases: conventional and multi-purpose up to the most technical greases.Our know-how allows us to develop:specific greases taking account of the latest technical developments or regulationscustom greases in partnership with the largest purchasers (bearing manufacturers, constructors,…)buyers’ own brand greases (BOB or Private Label)
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  • Brand : CONDAT
  • Place of Origin : FRANCE
  • FOB Price : On Request
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