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Haz-tab disinfectant granules - 500g tub

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St John Ambulance

For effective disinfection and disposal of blood and blood stained body fluid spillages.Highly absorbent disinfectant granules that guard against HIV and and Hepatitis viruses and make blood spills and stains safe.The most efficient way to deal with a body fluid spill is to absorb it. Haz-Tab granules efficiently absorbs blood or blood stained body fluid spillsEnsures the spill can be collected and sent for disposal with maximum protection for the person disposing of the spillage and the soiled areaRemoves the need for mopping up spills with paper towels which spread the spill further, drip and are harder to handle, particularly if broken glass is presentGranules absorb the spill, safety containing it while releasing chlorine to disinfect it at the same timeContains NaDCC (Sodium Dichloroisocyanurate) - a powerful chlorinating agent, proven effective against bacteria, fungi and virusesRecommended by the Department of Health for the disinfection of blood and blood-stained body fluid spillsSimple and easy to use.
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