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Gabions are being used in the world since Roman Empire Days. They were gradually commercialized and being produced mechanically since 1875. Gabion Boxes and Mattresses are extensively used across the global mainly USA, Europe, Middle East, Far East, Africa, Australian Continent & Sub Continents for various Applications like Embankment Protections, Soil Erosion Control, Scour Protections Etc. Gabions are made up of Triple Twisted  Hexagonal Galvanized or PVC coated wire  netting , which are subsequently assembled in rectangular boxes in different sizesLink Gabion Boxes & Mattresses also known as protect or Gabions, are a valid & effective solution in the construction of a variety of protective earth structures.The triple twist hexagonal mesh has been used with success in construction work world wide and offers the advantages of a solution which is both environmentally friendly and cost effective.
Link Gabions and Gabion Systems are available as 6 main products. Each product configuration is useful for different types of Civil Application. Furthermore Link Gabions can be made with various wire specifications depending on the environmental and load requirements.

Our Certification and Accreditation:System Accreditation:1) ISO 9001  Quality Management2) ISO 14001  Health,  Safety & Environment (HSE)3) ISO 18001  Environmental ManagementProduct Specific Certifications:1) BBA, UK2) COPRO, Belgium3) AFNOR (NF) France,4) ITB, Poland5) CE Mark, Europe6) SABS, South AfricaOur Products are approved by following industries:- Defence Organizations- Border Protection Forces- Police & Prison Facilities- Highway & Railway Sector- Oil & Gas Facilities- Electrical & Telecommunication Sector- Pipeline Protection- Airports- Seaports- Environment & Forestry- Industrial Sector- Commercial & Sports SectorFor any inquiry contact:Ms. Shruti Gokhale[email protected]
+971 55 9007401
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